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Simi Valley Adventist School serves as a private, co-educational, Christian School in Simi Valley, California.  We offer a quality Christian education from Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Attending Simi Valley Adventist School will make your children better people.  They will be mentored by the finest, certified Adventist teachers.  They will be challenged to learn new concepts, new skills, and  new ways of thinking - all rising from the school's dedication to academic and spiritual excellence.  They will be inspired by Biblical models for living, and will be given practical opportunities to develop a God-like character of selfless service.  If you and your children choose to accept this education, we will be proud to reach that goal.

Building Tomorrow's Servant Leaders, Today



The formative years of childhood are critical for helping a child discover who they are and defining the traits that they want to explore. Our program is geared to help that process.



Cultivating learning through exploration, discovery, and creativity while promoting good citizenship through the example of Jesus.

First and Second Grade

1st - 2nd Grade

Learning critical thinking skills related to reading, writing, and math, while learning about the world God has given us.

Third Grade through Fifth Grade

3rd - 5th Grade

We focus on advanced learning through hands on projects and research. We encourage thinking outside the box, and involve practical biblical thinking whenever possible.

Sixth Grade though Eighth Grade

6th - 8th Grade

Hard work is encouraged, and critical skills are developed and rewarded. Every talent and skill is God given, and we pursue learning that develops these in every student.

Music Class


Learning through music is just one of the ways students can learn about the world around them, while engaging in an activity that cultivates skills not often explored in a typical classroom setting.

From the Principal

Stephen Stokes

For the latest updates regarding school news and distance learning, listen to our podcast. You can visit our podcast page for previous episodes.

In deepest gratitude,

Stephen Stokes


Interested? Contact us for more information at 805.583.1866

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