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Class Information

Come into grades six, seven, and eight at any given time; you will most likely see at one time or another and on a consistent basis the following tendencies:

  • Technology Integration in such a way that students use technology to achieve goals in a different way than was possible before.
  • A collaborative environment even when many students prefer to work alone, collaboration fosters the development of new ideas and exposes students to opposing viewpoints.
  • Students are working on projects that generate opportunities for creative expression. These projects allow for surprising outbursts of understanding.
  • An inquiry-based approach that allows students to approach a new topic in the context of answering a question as a cornerstone of the class instruction.
  • Journal writing is often considered a dying art but not in my room. We use writing skill in most every subject.
  • Hands-on learning provides a wonderful opportunity to provide students with another anchor for learning.
  • I work beside students providing support and encouragement for their personal journey.
  • One to one individual accountability for student work and assessment.

As the needs continue to change, I will continue to integrate the necessary flexibility to ensure that each child has the best opportunity to gain the highest level skills for success at the next level.

With all the high expectations that academic rigor brings it is clear to all my students that every skill and talent they have is God given and that by using their talents to the highest degree they honor God the Creator. We daily rededicate our lives to the highest purpose of service to others in our commitment to Jesus Christ.

Teacher Bio - Stephen Stokes, Principal

sstokes@simivalleyadventistschool.comStephen Stokes

Stephen Stokes spent his childhood growing up in many different cities across the United States, including St. Louis, Atlanta, and Charlotte. After he received his BS in Education from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1983 and his MA in Educational Administration from Loma Linda University in 1990, he spent 25 years in the Southern California Conference working as a middle-grade teacher, curriculum innovator, mentor teacher, and administrator.

After his time in California, Mr. Stokes took his work abroad. He spent two years working in South Korea instructing a range of students from young children to Judges and Pre-Masters courses students. He then went to Saudi Arabia where he worked as a professor in the English division helping low-level English speakers trying to enter university. Afterward, Mr. Stokes moved to China where he became the founder, principal, and teacher working to create a high school for the British Columbia provincial government of Canada.

In 2014 Mr. Stokes returned to Southern California and Simi Valley to be close to his parents and son.

Today he brings his diverse life experiences and passions for teaching to Simi Valley Adventist Elementary School to create quality education for the 21 century and beyond. In his spare time he enjoys reading, music, and supporting the St. Louis Cardinals and Blue sports teams.