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Simi Valley Elementary School
1636 Sinaloa Rd
Simi Valley, CA 93065


Class Information

Simi Valley Kindergarten Classroom is newly renovated and designed with the idea to provide a learning space for today’s Kindergarten child. The natural organic look of the bamboo floors provide an allergy free and durable material for the messy activities that naturally happen on a daily basis.  The space in this room is more than enough to allow movement and several learning centers to engage the interest of the 4 to 6-year-old student. The subdued but attractive wall colors provide a calming backdrop for the bright and colorful furniture, wall displays, and area rugs. The more than ample storage enables a clutter-free room which helps the children to focus and function more independently as they learn new skills. The child-height modern-looking sink is a favorite feature that encourages the children to wash their hands, water plants, get a drink of water, and clean-up messes all by themselves. The colorful storage cubbies and the dog-tail coat hooks give each child a personal place to keep belongings.

The purpose of this classroom is to inspire learning through exploration, discovery, and creativity and to promote good citizenship through the model and character of Jesus, thus helping children become successful, contented, and happy.

Teacher Bio - Violet Edwards - Coming Soon