Dear Parents, 

Summer is gone! Here it is August and we are only 20 days from welcoming our students back into our classrooms.
The big news has not happened yet. Many have asked if our grant money has any news, the answer is not yet. No news is good news right? I am sure that whatever God has in store for us is greater than what we could plan. 

Student supply lists are on the website : 

We have an added event in August. This will be an orientation meeting with every family. We need at least one of your family there at this orientation. You will receive important information for the year. Handouts and school updates. This is not the open house where we all meet the teachers and spend me in the classrooms. This is a meeting between families and administration. Please do anything it takes to be there at this all important meeting. 

With the start of school there is a whole bucket full of things each of our families have to do. I have a list of ideas and ps that might help ge ng back in the school groove a little easier. Enjoy! 

In Gratitude, 

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 4, August 1, 2017