Dear Parents,

Some of you may have taken a plane ride during vacation, I hope you are re-energized! As I recall, there is a moment on each trip where the attendant will make the common announcement on emergencies. There is a basic rule. First place the air mask on yourself, then take care of your child. This is important as parents need to make sure they have full awareness during the crisis to take care of their children with all their facilities. After this holiday season I would like to make a simple reminder. Much like the “Oxygen Mask Rule” on an airplane, a parent who takes care of themselves will be a better parent. If you are spent, you are no good to anyone. Have that massage or lunch with friends, turn over the reins one night and treat yourself to a hot bath. You will be the parent you want to be, and everyone will benefit to start the year. You as the parent are the most important person in your child’s life. Be the role model God wants you to be. Be the best for the coming year. Take care of yourself so you can use all your abilities to take care of your child.

We are BACK! January 2, at 8:15 bright and early Tuesday morning. Be early and get a surprise!~

We have our big annual fundraiser coming in January. Read A Thon is bigger and better than ever before. We are looking to raise $80.00 per student. That will mean a simple goal of getting 4 people to support your child at $20.00. I know we can reach this while getting our children to read at an even greater rate than ever before. We can use a lot of help in our fundraiser, please contact Mrs. Dana Yin, our fundraiser director, to volunteer!

2nd Semester Grades will be issued on Friday, Jan 5. Make sure you contact your teacher to get your copy.

January 7, Sunday we are having a big clean up for the coming 2018! We will need all hands on deck. Simone Buttler will be asking you to sign up for a time slot. Please set aside some time on this first Sunday of the year to help us make our school beautiful for the coming semester.

Last thought, we are making a big push during the next two month to gain students for the coming year. We are asking God for 65 to 70 students to start the year. Please pray with us that our efforts are in line with God’s will and that our radio advertisements will reach those parents who are seeking what we offer. Our ads will air on Radio KDAR (98.3 FM) a Christian radio station based in Oxnard, California, United States. It is owned by the Salem Media Group.

I urge you to listen and when our ads come on, pray for God’s blessing.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 4, No 10, January 2018