Dear parents,

The events of the last 30 days make each parent shudder with the thought of losing a precious life too soon. I am sure each of you feel the way I do when I say that without safety in our schools, nothing is assured. I want each of our parents know that we have taken measures to insure better security for our daily lives. The outer doors are now closed unless someone is actively watching the entrance. We have a RING button which will allow anyone to call someone to the front door and it will also allow the school to see via video who is at our front door. I know that God has blessed our school but we must be diligent to do what is best in the service of due diligence. If you have further ideas on best practices that we could add to our current list, please contact the office. We want to hear from you.

As the year spins to its ultimate end and summer is upon us it will be too late to make plans for what you will do with your students time. During the next few weeks plans are being made for upgrading classrooms, a makeover for the gym floor (well overdue), getting more material for the coming year in our rooms, and some of us have summer classes we attend as a means of professional development that is required. Here at SVAS we are thinking about expanding into a potential summer camp or offering tutoring on a pay by weekly basis. If interested, please let us know by filling out a survey in the office. If there is overwhelming needs, we want to be able to provide the services you might need.

You will notice that the February listing of the Gold SPOTLIGHT has been moved to March 19. There was no March schedule and some parents were asking for a slight delay.

The Valentine meal was a huge hit once again and if you have not stopped by to thank Simone Buttler and her crew for a tremendous meal and splendid evening, please do so.

READ A THON is moving on and many of you have taken advantage of the school’s website. There is a simple way for others to donate in your child’s name. Go to the site, click the button, fill out the form, and help us move our inhouse WIFI up to school standards. There are only a few more weeks, lets get everyone over the $80.00 threshold.

This week in our Kindergarten we are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. IF you would like to come and read to our youngest and most energetic young readers, please contact Mrs. O’Dell.

My last thought goes to the question many are raising after the current events, what has changed in our world? Indeed what has changed is a good question. I would answer this way, I am assured with every ounce of my convictions that evil does not sleep and is going to increase as we get closer to our Lord’s coming. I have heard that we can make this world a better place, indeed we can light our candles right where we are and curse the darkness back as far as we can. But make no mistake, evil does not stop and will not till that great day. That is our hope, our glory. While we live, we live to give breath to what God has done, to live out that love in all around us. To teach our children that God is love and will conquer evil someday. Till that time, we will do all we can to keep them safe. Even now Lord Jesus, come.

Our next parent meeting will be March 16 at 6:30 in the 6-8 classroom. 

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 4, No 13, February 2018