Dear Parents, 

With the coming of October we start to settle into a nice smooth rhythm and works begin to really build up steam. I hope you are taking the time to spend quality moments with your children. Not having to do homework in the evening should free you up to enjoy these wonderful years. Trust a father of a 27 year old son, I miss tucking him in at night. Don’t miss out, hold these days tight. 

As a gentle reminder, we do not allow students to go of campus with anyone that is not on your specific list of approved adults. Even if you make arrangements with a current parent, we need you to call and have us add that name to our list. It is important to each of us that the list is kept current so that we don’t have problems with people who show up to help you out and we can not allow the child to leave. If you have a new name, or names, please see Simone and update the list. Add possibilities if that would make the list easier for you to manage. 

As a means of security I want to remind each of you that unless someone is in our office or in the kitchen, we keep the doors to the front closed during the day. If you are going to visit and you find the front doors locked and the side gate closed, they should be in fact closed tight, please call me on my cell and I will have someone meet you to open the doors. This measure allows us to have a small but meaningful means of keeping people out who are mere casual visitors. We do have daily visitors that come and go and we try to maintain someone at our desk to allow for easy access to the school. Currently we need more helpers to answer phones and attend the front desk on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you can help, please let us know. Again, if its locked up, cheer for the security and call me on my cell. 805-304-313. 

We are having an outstanding year and I am so proud that our students are doing well and from our records I can tell that we hav e a high number of students that are coming on time each day. Thanks to each of you for helping to have your children ready for the start of the day. We are making an increased effort to make sure we start and stop our day on time. I have heard from a few of you that the no homework policy is a real benefit to family time in the evening. I hope to have the usernames and passwords available for our students for the IXL website. This will allow for time spent in practicing skills that will translate to better work during the day. We highly recommend that each student spend some time each evening reading, even reading out loud to you, as a means of practicing skills that transfer to work done during the school hours. Thanks again for all your support. You are the key element in your child’s education. 

So many of you have already signed up for a parent teacher conference! Thanks so much for helping us to become as efficient a possible. IF you are having problems, call Simone and she will have you come to the office and sign up. The early birds are getting the prime times. If you have a problem with the date or times, please contact your teacher and let them know. The sooner the better. 

The Gold Spotlights for October are listed on page two, please check out the students we will honor this coming month.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 4, No 4, October 2017