Dear Parents,

We had a great Red Ribbon Week and all of out events had a great impact on our students. I think we are all ready to stay committed to a life free from drugs and harmful things that will damage our futures.

We are starting our 2nd quarter and I want to remind you that this quarter is much shorter than the normal 9 weeks. We have till

December 15 to get our work done. This means that with the Christmas program rehearsal, classes and all the family obligations to come, we will only have a short time before we have grade cards ready for you again. This year is really moving!

I want to share with you a few thoughts from an article by Nathaniel Haynesworth. I read about high school and college readiness and the 10 best skills needed are listed in no particular order…

  1. Self-management Time management is perhaps one of the most important keys however, self-management includes all aspects of taking control of your life.   
  2. Communication They will need to learn to communicate effectively with other students, roommates, and faculty.
  3. Teamwork and collaboration Learning to work effectively with others, and to emerge as a leader will be important.
  4. Critical thinking and problem solving Your student will be asked to work well beyond the restatement of facts.
  5. Study skills The ability to organize work, read carefully, prepare for tests and plan and write papers is key.
  6. Tolerate ambiguity Not everything taught or learned is black and white, or crystal clear. Students who are be er able to understand and work in a “gray” area will be less uncomfortable and will be able to understand subtleties better.
  7. Innovation and creative thinking Instructors often demand that students go beyond facts or even simply understanding, and use the ideas that they learn in new ways.
  8. Ability to work independently Students who are able to work on their own and keeping track of their own work will be better armed for a various learning lifestyle.
  9. Ability to follow directions Being able to follow both simple and more complex directions. Instructions about how to do an assignments may be very specific, deadlines will matter, and your student will need to be able to “play by the rules”.
  10. Ability to stay engaged Students who participate actively in their own education, who expect to work hard and stay involved, will not only learn more and do better in their classes, but will also have a more satisfying experience overall.

I believe that SVAS works actively to produce students who are able to do all these skills. Pray that God continues to bless our efforts in the classroom and in our homes.

Career week is next week, if anyone wants to share with the students what you do in your chosen career, please let your teacher know and we would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have you in to talk to our students. Monday is “FUTURE SO BRIGHT” Day, Sunglasses approved. Tuesday~ Dress UP as a Professional… Day. Wednesday is Career Bingo Day, games and prizes. Friday, FREE DRESS DAY, is University Day.. Wear your favorite Uni Sweatshirt or T-shirt. Every child can be successful!

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 4, No 6, October 2017