Dear Parents,

It has been a big whirlwind of activity for the first few months. From ITBS Testing to Red Ribbon and Career Week fun, we have had so many great things happen. Now that Thanksgiving is a week away, it is hard to fathom that Christmas is right around the corner.

With our schedule in mind, let us turn our minds to the season at hand. Thankfulness is so important. I recently read a great article on Thanks and there were three great reasons to be thankful.

1. Because it honors God.
When we are thankful, we recognize that God exists, and we are acting on the reality of His life as the very source and means of ours. True thankfulness recognizes our total dependence on God and stems from realizing that everything go- ing on in our lives and all we have is the product of God’s sovereign control, infinite wisdom, purposes, grace, and activity (2 Cor. 4:15).

2. Because it is commanded in Scripture.
First, the Psalms are filled with the call to give thanks. An example is Ps. 100:4 which says, “Enter his gates with thanks- giving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” Then Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything keep on giving thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (my translation). In Colossians, he twice gives the command to be thankful (3:15, 17).

3. Because of the dangerous consequences of thanklessness:
Thanklessness is dangerous to self and others. It dishonors God and leads to proud humanism or dependence on man rather than God (cf. Rom. 1:21). In addition, it leads to bitterness, complaining, and a joyless life (Heb. 12:15). Since thankfulness is a response to the grace of God, its opposite, bitterness with its companions, complaining and grumbling, are the product of an unthankful heart that fails to properly respond to God in faith to His person, infinite wisdom, grace and purposes. Thanklessness promotes pettiness and occupation with self, people, and problems. That in turn creates depression and feelings of hopelessness because we become focused on our problems rather than on the Lord.

I am so happy with all of our families and I can say with confidence that our school board and faculty feel the same. We are truly thankful for each of you. I pray God’s blessing on each of you and your families.

On the second page please see our upcoming schedule of events. Don’t forget November 16! Our Parent Meeting features a special guest speaker, Not One More program will feature news on the current situation in Simi Valley on students and drug abuse.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 4, No 7, November 2017