Dear Parents,

December will be here before we know it.

Can you imagine how fast this year has gone?

Basic announcement one: Our Christmas program on December 14 at 7 pm in the Simi Valley Adventist Church sanctuary will be a very dressy occasion. We are asking all the students to dress very nicely as if
going to a formal concert. We will have opportunities to take photos with all the students in their choir robes and there will be a special photo spot for you to take a family or friends photo in front of a beautiful professional background in the campus center. There will be a live link for family and friends who can not be at the performance and for you to view in the archives after the evening is over. It will be a very exciting evening and one you will want to share for years to come.

We had a wonderful parent meeting with members of the Not One More campaign. Their stories moved us to tears and made us all recommit to being involved in our children’s lives at the deepest levels.

A recent article talks about the newest forms of online bullying. They talk about “Roasting” as a new means to say horrible things about people, and an invitation for strangers to take part in the insults. The link to the entire article is here: – Link no longer available

Use the season this year to continue building up a complete rapport with your children. Don’t let this world confuse them as to what is right and what is wrong. Being kind has never been out of style and compassion is something we are required to be. A last suggestion, read to your children this Christmas! Sit them down in the evening and be their storyteller. Christmas has such delicious stories ranging from Dickens’ Christmas Carol to O Henry’s The Gift of the Magi. Try a new book, Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva or stick with Dr. Seuss classic of How the Grinch Stole Christmas they all tell wonderful lessons. Make this season memorable.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 4, No 8, December 2017