Dear Parents,

As this is the month of February, I hope all our parents understand our passion for our parents and how each teacher strives to keep you informed when we sense any shift good or bad. As your teachers, we want you to know and be informed. This information is not just for facts and data, we want and need you to be a part of your child’s great accomplishments. Parents working together with the teacher form a collaborative force that will help our children in their next steps. Teachers can design remedies and solutions, they can create avenues for advancement, but children need to know that their parents are working with the teacher. This reinforces the im- portance of what is being done at school. We love our parents, and I can personally attest to your skills.

Parent involvement helps to insure that each child’s success is inevitable.

I am asked from time to time, how involved should I be as my child grows? My answer, you never diminish as a parent, neither should your involvement. They may not show it or outwardly enjoy it at different stages of their life, but each child looks back on their parent’s involvement in their lives with joy.

Involve yourself in every aspect of their lives for their entire life.

This month we move from Kindness to Goodness in our study of the Fruits of the Spirit! Goodness is a true commitment to choosing right over wrong, good over evil. We are good because it glorifies our Creator.

Psalm 52:1 tells us that “the goodness of God endures continually.” This gives us hope that God’s true good- ness will prevail in this world. As your family continue to move forward, show God’s goodness by showing to everyone you meet. He created us to dwell in His goodness! Come to our February Parent Meeting as scheduled on our calendar and enjoy some GOOD company, GOOD food, and GOOD friendships.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 5, No 13, February 2019