Dear Parents,

April is here and so is the race to the summer. There are so many things to go over, I want to share one thought with you. With all the events, trips, projects, and responsibilities don’t overlook the need to stay tight with the family. Spend some time each day evaluating the opportunities and learning moments that happen. Make sure everyone is emotionally ready for each day by giving a hug. A big hug! Connect with each child, each day.

Here is the list of what is coming up just in this month.

We have a parent meeting this month on this Thursday, April 11 at 6:30. We will cover many things associ- ated with next year, PRE-REGISTRATION!, so you wont want to miss our monthly meeting.

Grades 6-8 have their yearly trip. We will be in San Francisco from Sunday to Wednesday so I will return on Thursday the 18th.

Speaking of the 18th… SPRING and GRADUATE PICTURE DAY! Cornerstone Pictures will be here for our Spring photo day. These are optional. Students may bring optional clothes to wear for their photos. We sent home a flyer with the information, if you need more.. Visit the office. We have more flyers and can ex- plain it in detail.

Our youth will be singing at Simi Valley SDA Church on April 20.

Please see page 3 for information on Earth Day Celebration. We are asking each child to bring in a small succulent plant to be placed in the front of our school on Monday April 22. We plant at 1:00 so join us! Bring a plant and celebrate our planet Earth!

Kindergarten has their annual Bike-A-Thon on April 25! Come and celebrate our incredible kids and cheer them on as they bike their hearts out. Sponsor them too! Check out page 4 for a delicious way to help.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

6:30pm Pre-Registration Parent Meeting April

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 5, No 15, April 2019