Dear Parents,

Fall has fallen upon us! The cooler weather will be here and we are in full force with our school schedule this week. It is a rare week where teachers get 5 consecutive days of teaching to move through the curriculum. Speaking of moving.. This week has been Lets Move Week! I just read an amazing article that I want to quote the first paragraph.

“According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) national school survey, barely half (52%) of high school students attended physical education classes on 1 or more days in an average week and only 32% attended 5 days. Federal guidelines recommend that children aged 6-17 years get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day; however, the CDC’s 2011 school survey reports only 29% of high school students met that goal. Increased “screen time” is no doubt contributing to decreased physical activity: almost one third (31% ) of students played video or computer games for unre- lated school work for 3 or more hours a day on an average school day, while 32% watched television 3 or more hours a day .”

Does that scare you? We have brought back our dear friend Randy Stoltz and he will be getting the kids moving in a PE class twice a week. Mrs. Arko moves our students in K and TK each week through basic gymnastic moves. Each teacher is responsible for the other days to include some form of physical activity besides the lunch time activities. The newest studies show 1 in 3 students in America are overweight or obese and obesity is linked to 60 chronic diseases. Active healthy children lead to a lifetime with the decreased likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis. In an ever- changing digital age, it has become increasingly important to provide an active outlet for students to value physi- cal fitness long after the end of the school day. Making health a priority falls upon each parent and teacher.

We will have announcements on our IXL account. This is a great way to practice the skills that are introduced in class for both English and Math. Each student will have a username and password that will be attached to a parents email. If our email is not updated to your latest , we will not be able to issue an account. Please notify our office if you need to update your email address.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 5, No 5, September 2018