Dear Parents,

What a great start to a school year! Two weeks into the year and we want to thank ALL of our parents for their attendance at the mandatory meeting. Our Friday Family beach day was wonderful~ and the second week of school flew by without even so much as asking us if we were ready. So here we are starting into our 3rd week and Open House is this Thursday! It will be Thanksgiving before we know it. (Christmas music and 2020 will be tapping us on the shoulder so don’t look!)

There will be many things to go over with your teachers this Thursday so be here for this nice evening with our staff. Ask questions! So many parents come to me with thoughts and those answers are best when they come straight from our amazing staff. This Thursday at 7:00 pm is your best opportunity to ask all the questions that you have.

Our chapel Friday’s have started and we are going over the Beatitudes, also known as the Sermon on the Mount. If you have a wonderful speaker would like to come to school to give a short presentation, I would love to get their number!

Please read the ARTICLE ONE for this month, I think it speaks to one of our best features here at SVAS.

THIS THURSDAY!!! OPEN HOUSE at 7:00 pm. (It might be a great time to bring a neighbor who is not pleased with their children’s school?) I will see you all there!

In Deepest Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes

Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 6, No 1, Sept 2019