Dear Parents,

December is our month to talk about the beatitude where Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.” Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about good food, family times, and giving to those who are special in our lives. Jesus reminds us that there is a special hunger and thirst. A feeling of desire for something beyond the tangible, or material. A desire to know God, to be with God, and to have Him in our hearts. Learning to have that desire, growing up in an environment where that hunger and thirst are a part of our daily lives is what SVAS strives to do. To plant within each of our students the yearning to be with God, to have Him fill us up. As we end the second semester, please pray for all our families as we seek to be role models for our children in every way.

Our last two programs will feature our main production of the CHRISTMAS MESSIAH for young Voice. Saturday we have the scheduled church visit. We are asking for students to be there by 10:30 for a short 3 song performance. Then on December 19, at 7:00 pm in the SV Adventist Church our big Christmas program has as its sole focus the gift that is Jesus Christ. I know you will be there to listen to our children sing of that great moment. We are asking for each student to be at the church no later than 6:30 pm for to be robed and ready to warm up. They have worked so hard and it will be a very rewarding evening. Please invite friends and family. Let’s fill the church to show how unique our school is.

Developing student to a higher standard is not easy, but it is very rewarding.

Friday, December 20 is a getaway day. School ends at 12:15 and extended care only goes to 1:00 pm.

In Deepest Gratitude,

Stephen Stokes


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