Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! Have you written all the date correctly? Does 2020 sound strange to you? Each new year brings so many changes and yet, at the end of the “new” year it starts again and the “old” year is so familiar to us. Change is not easy, and in some cases it brings so many unknowns that it is scary too. It is so nice to know that SVAS is here for you and our desire to stay committed to our philosophy is unchanging. I am writing a 4 part letter, part one today, so review our school mission and as a new year resolution I would propose to recommit our school to our mission statement fully.

Simi Valley Adventist School operates as one body that equips students to:

Enrich their minds,
Serve their community,
Worship one Lord.

The SVAS wishes to do more than teach, we want to enrich each student’s mind. The class sizes are small and are multi-grade, which recent studies have shown are extremely beneficial to the student. Multi-grade rooms work in such a way that the older students in the classroom learn to help and nurture the younger students. In turn, the younger stu- dents are given extra care and attention not only from their teacher, but from their peers. Our school’s small size also creates a wonderful community of students at all grade levels. The youngest students play with the oldest! Students become a family, and learn to rely on friends of all age groups. Older students learn important leadership and mentor- ing skills. The school operates, at every level, with all students in mind. SVAS is passionately committed to our students’ academic excellence. Our students have consistently performed well on standardized tests. Student leaves our school well prepared for high school. Enriching the student’s mind means that we seek to enhancing the quality or value of each child in every manner possible.

Thank you once again for our opportunity to be your school. We want to earn that honor every day.

Do not forget that January 16 is our mandatory Parent Meeting in our school gym at 7:00 pm. Each family is required to be there and if you are not able, please contact the office as we will need to schedule a meeting with the administration to go over all the details. Be early, think prizes…

In deepest gratitude,

Stephen Stokes


Download the full PDF version: Echo, Vol 6, No 6, Jan 2020