Valentine Party

Family & Friends Valentine Dinner Party

Next Thursday, February 15, at 7:00 pm, at our school Gym, we will have a special Family & Friends Dinner Party and you are invited! Hope you are able to attend.

Our school usually have parent meeting once a month on Thursdays. This month, instead of the parent meeting, we will have a Valentine Banquet open to all friends and family including kids. Please RSVP before the dinner to reserve your place, you can buy your ticket online, on this page, or at our office. It is $ 7.00 dollars per person or $ 20.00 per family (suggestion donation).

The food will be absolute fabulous. We ordered vegetarian lasagna from Viva La Pasta (original this year, sorry last year wasn't), we will also have options for vegan and gluten-free, pasta with red or white sauce, potatoes, fruits, salad, bread, juice, deserts and ice-cream. I am sure you will enjoy the food, the music and taking a family picture. Make sure you take a portrait picture with your family and friends because we will print them for you in a frame for just $ 5.00. Invite your friends and family to come.

Simi Valley Adventist School Invites you and your family for a nice dinner with lasagna from Viva La Pasta, family and friends photos, singing karaoke an more.

Thank you!

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